I have questions about the BGL Subscription bundles?

What is the benefit to me?

As BGL and Smarter SMSF know, Accountants and Accounting practices are generally very time poor, and want a simple and smart way of ordering documents without leaving the software… The advancements in technology and integrations have been a significant time-saver to help drive solutions for practitioners. So bringing a seamless document solution right from within your SMSF software is a great solution.

Who prepares the documents?

The legal documents are drafted and maintained by Ian Glenister (Legal Officer, Smarter SMSF) and Chris Hill (Director, Hill Legal).  Along with Aaron Dunn (SMSF Specialist).

Why Smarter SMSF Documents?

Smarter SMSF documents have been built by SMSF specialists, for use by practitioners who need the confidence that comes with using best practice SMSF documents drafted by industry leading experts. The Smarter Deed for example, not only stays up-to-date with the latest superannuation laws, but also strategically considers topics impacting membership, contributions, income streams, estate planning and more. 

How does payment work for document ordering or subscription?

From the order documents screen within Simple Fund 360 you can choose to ‘select your package’ and choose the subscription that suits your business. Your user profile details from BGL will pass into the shopping cart to make the purchase process a simple experience. You will then receive confirmation of your subscription and welcome email with further instructions. If you wish to order on a PAYG basis, a credit card option will appear at the bottom of the form which must be processed before the document can be submitted. Smarter SMSF is offering a discount to BGL users on their standard PAYG document pricing.

Where can I find a list of all the available documents?

The complete list of documents available can be found on the Smarter SMSF website,  https://smartersmsf.com/documents
How can I tell how many documents I   have remaining in my subscription?
BGL will update you regularly with opening balances, documents ordered and closing balance within your subscription. An alert will be provided where your closing balance is less than 5 orders. You order balance will reset each year on the anniversary of your subscription.
What if the document I want isn’t yet available within Simple Fund 360?
By connecting your Simple Fund 360 account to Smarter SMSF you will be able to access the complete list of documents available via the smarter platform. Within the order documents page, you can select ‘additional documents’ which will open a new tab and open the documents page on the smarter platform. You will be automatically authenticated to access the site, where your subscription will also apply to any documents ordered here (and will update BGL). Various documents within the platform already have integration features allowing you to get information from your Simple Fund 360 or CAS 360 software.
What happens when I’ve used all my documents within my subscription?
If you use all the documents within your subscription bundle, you can either upgrade from your existing bundle to a higher bundle or alternatively purchase documents on a PAYG basis until the anniversary of your subscription. Once your subscription anniversary arrives, your opening balance of available documents to order will reset.
Can I change my subscription at any time? If so, how does the subscription chan ge?
You can upgrade your subscription at any time to a higher document bundle. Where this upgrade occurs, the subscription date will reset to this new date and apply the available documents for us over the next 12 months. Upon the anniversary of the subscription it will renew at this revised higher bundle. If you wish to downgrade or cancel your subscription, you are liable for the fees incurred for a 12-month subscription as part of the terms and conditions of this document service.
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