I have questions about CREATE Document Packages/Subscriptions?

Why choose a Document package?

The advancements in technology and integrations have been a significant time-saver to help drive solutions for practitioners. That is why all our documents integrate with your BGL or CLASS software.

So, what about your Return on Investment? Here is where we save you money.

Our Subscription packages offer our full range of documents at a flat rate per month or once off for the year. This enables you to stay within your budget by predicting and controlling your spend.

By calculating how many documents you would need within a full year, then purchasing a cost-effective package. For example, as a member of Create25 – you are provided with online access to all our documents, to create up to 25 documents annually for only $150 per month. Where if you had to buy a document on the go (PAYG), it could cost you up to 3 x that amount per month.

Our Create packages give you the flexibility of accessing any pension, compliance or legal documents you may need. Simply determine the number of documents you would use annually, then select the monthly subscription package that works for you.

Can’t I get some of these documents in my Accounting Software?

Yes, you are correct, however these documents from the SMSF software are more generic in nature and don’t necessarily follow the rules of the trust deed, or are regularly updated.  

Our pension documents for example have additional features that can be created and adjusted because they link back to the trust deed. If you would like further technical understanding of these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What if I need more documents?

You can easily upgrade to the next package. Just drop us an email or upgrade via the dashboard on our platform. Your new subscription rate will kick in from the next month.

Why choose Smarter SMSF documents?

As Accountants ourselves, we understand that you are time poor, and want a smarter way of ordering documents that are current and regularly updated.

Smarter SMSF is industry connected and nimble. As changes occur in regulation or legislation we review and adapt our documents accordingly. So, they are always accurate, thorough and compliant.  We are on top of issues as they arise, talking with our members and then generating what they need to pass on the benefits of this knowledge to their clients. To achieve this level of specialisation takes real world accounting, advice and legal experience, acquired over more than 20 years as practitioners.

Smarter SMSF documents have been built by SMSF specialists, Aaron Dunn (CEO, Smarter SMSF), Ian Glenister (Legal Officer, Smarter SMSF), and Chris Hill (Director, Hill Legal) for use by practitioners who need the confidence that comes with using best practice SMSF documents drafted by industry leading experts.

The Smarter Deed for example, not only stays up-to-date with the latest superannuation laws, but also strategically considers topics impacting membership, contributions, income streams, estate planning and more.

Who prepares the Smarter SMSF documents?

The legal documents are drafted and maintained by Ian Glenister, who is a practising lawyer and co-founder of Smarter SMSF.  Ian was the first lawyer in Australia to become an accredited SMSF Specialist.  He, along with Aaron and another SMSF specialist solicitor, Chris Hill catch up regularly to look the creation of new documents and any updates/changes to the existing documents available on the platform.

The pension and compliance documents are prepared predominantly by Aaron, given his knowledge and focus on the latest issues and strategies on SMSFs.  These documents are overseen by Ian and Chris, ensuring consistency with the trust deed and other legal documents.

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