What is the benefit of choosing a Document package/subscription?

Why choose a Document package/subscription?

The advancements in technology and integrations have been a significant time-saver to help drive solutions for practitioners. That is why all our documents integrate with your BGL or CLASS software.

So, what about your Return on Investment? Here is where we save you money.

By calculating how many documents you would need within a full year, then purchasing a cost-effective package. For example, as a member of Create25 – you are provided with online access to all our documents, to create up to 25 documents annually for only $150 per month. Where if you had to buy a document on the go (PAYG), it could cost you up to 3 x that amount per month.

Our Create packages give you the flexibility of accessing any pension, compliance or legal documents you may need. Simply determine the number of documents you would use annually, then select the monthly subscription package that works for you.

Use our document calculator to calculate the benefit of a subscription package

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