Is a subscription package right for me?

Well, that depends on how many SMSFs you have within your business.  

Our document packages have been designed in a way to suit and shapes and sizes of accounting and financial planning businesses working with SMSF clients.  If you're a small practitioner with a limited number of SMSFs, you can start with a package of just 25 documents over a 12 month period, right through the larger practices and specialist administrators that will use more then 500+ document over the year.

The key benefit of our Smarter SMSF packages is that you can save well over 50% when compared to ordering on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG basis).  Take for example our smallest 'create 25' package - the average document price of $72 per document provides a substantial saving on a large number of our documents including new SMSFs, LRBA, pension commencement documents and more - see document list, including PAYG price.

SMSF document calculator

We have created a document calculator to assist you in understanding what document package might suit you and your business.  

Access the document calculator here.

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