Webinar - 2022-06 - Grow your knowledge with the SMSF Foundations Course

The SMSF Foundations Course built by Smarter SMSF is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge regarding the operation and management of self-managed super funds.

It provides you with a core understanding of the superannuation laws, along with the regulatory requirements that apply to SMSFs, building a foundation for you to successfully undertake your work as an SMSF practitioner.

Join us as we explore many aspects that make up this unique Course including:

  • What are the modules that make up the course
  • How is the course delivered
  • What is the course duration
  • Commence the course and access the course support materials
  • The professional accreditation after completing the course
  • The Foundations Course Update (Add-on) module
  • Fees
  • Continual Professional Development journey
  • How to get started
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