My document didn't generate correctly?

There may be occasions where a document that you have ordered does not generate correctly.  Whilst members have the benefit of resetting an order (see screenshot below) to fix and spelling mistakes that you may have input, in other instances it may required template adjustments or additional work to be completed by our web development team.

NB.  All documents with the exception of a company incorporation (incl. special purpose) can be reset back to saved orders to regenerate.

PAYG orders

To have your order fixed, you can contact the team via live chat during business hours, lodge a ticket online or via email at or call on 1300 95 94 76.  If you are ordering via PAYG and reset the order, please note that the credit card will appear again for payment.

The team will typically be able to resolve the issue fairly quickly and regenerate the document for you, which will include a new email link to the updated order. 

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