Stamp duty requirements for trusts

The fees for establishing a trust deed vary throughout Australia. The type of property held by the trust and the purpose of the trust can also have a bearing on the amount of stamp duty payable. 

To understand the requirements for stamping and any applicable stamp duty fees that may to trust deeds in different states of Australia, refer to the following overview:

State Exemption for super trusts? Establishment Fee Time frame to be stamped (within)
NSW Yes $500 and $10 for each duplicate 90 days
Vic  Yes $200 30 days
Tas No $50 90 days
NT No $20 and $5 for each duplicate 60 days
SA - No fee but can be stamped upon request for free -
Qld, WA, ACT - No fee -

Stamping of SMSF Deeds

A notable exception to the fees below are superannuation funds, many of which are exempt from stamp duty - see further article,

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