How do I access a webinar recording?

You need to hold any of the following subscriptions to be able to access the webinar recordings on the Smarter SMSF platform:

  • CPD Regular
  • CPD Business
  • CPD Quarterly (restricted to 'Changing face of SMSF' only)

After you have logged in, go to 'Learn > Webinars'

You can then select the webinar you want to watch from the list available.  You can also search based upon keywords and read more in the description about the topics covered within the CPD training

Click on the name of the training for you to be able to access the course.  Visibility on the course page is limited via subscription type. 

Users will need to click the 'Take the course' button to enrol which will then open the course content, including lesson to watch the webinar.

Members will then need to watch the webinar and complete the short quiz to obtain their CPD certificate of completion.

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