How to remove credit card showing for an order via subscription

Where you are placing an order as part of a document subscription, all documents that you can order with the exception of company incorporation (trading and special purpose) will not require you to add credit card details for payment.  

There are occasionally circumstances that we come across (particularly new subscriptions where upgrading from PAYG ordering) that the credit card details may appear.  This is most likely that the order pages that you have been using have been 'cached' into your browser history.

To fix this issue, we ask that you take the following steps:

  1. Logout of the platform and then login again.  This will typically fix the issue as it is common that we close the browser (e.g. Google Chrome), but do not close out of the application we were using.
  2. If the credit card still shows, we suggest that you may need to clear the cache in your browser. A way to test this is if you are using the Google chrome browser is to switch to incognito mode (Control+Shift+N) - see screenshot how to do this.

You should then login to using your normal login details.  If you can order with no credit card showing it means that the problem is linked to the caching of your browser files and needs to be cleared - see google article for further details,

If the problem still exists, please log a ticket via for us to explore the problem further with you.

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