Updated dashboards and subscription counters

Changes are being made to update the dashboard on the Smarter SMSF platform to give users greater visibility with their subscription and order history.


The updated user dashboard now provides a range of information about a member's subscription, including:

  • Subscription details - product type, opening balance, documents used and closing balance.
  • Links to upcoming training, ticketed support and ability to order documents
  • charts showing monthly orders and breakdown of order by document type.
  • List of recent orders, with ability view all orders history on additional page within platform. 
    • NB. we will be adding functionality in the future to be able to auto-request invoices from these orders

Work continues on the parent/child functionality for secondary users (staff) to be able to order documents using their own user profile (email address), rather than a central email address. This information will be added to the dashboard once finalised to give the primary account holder visibility over who can order documents via the subscription.

We are working on adding a number of video tutorials to the dashboard to help users with items such as setting up a Class or Simple Fund 360 connection, etc.

Subscription counters

Counters are also being added on the create new, saved orders and completed orders page to provide users with greater visibility over their document orders and subscription information - refer to the screenshot below:

For users of the Create500 package that provides unlimited access, the total documents counter is set as 99,999 each year.  All other subscriptions will show the actual number of documents with the subscription - that is, 25, 50,100 and 250 documents.

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