Company name searches now available

It has been a feature request for some time, but we are pleased to advise that we have now introduced the ability to check a company name's availability within the following forms:

  • Special purpose company incorporation; and
  • Company incorporation (standard)

From within each form under the Company Name field, you can now 'click here' to open up additional company search fields:

A company name validation field will be available for you to input a name, choose the legal element (e.g. Pty Ltd, Pty Limited, etc) and then select 'validate':

Using ASIC's standard validation process, the name will be either accepted, rejected or subject to further review:


Where accepted, the available name will pre-fill back into the form for you to complete.


Where rejected, you will be instructed to attempt to find another company name.

Subject to review:

Where the company is subject to review, this will not prevent you from proceeding, but be aware that ASIC will undertake a manual review of the application and may either require further information before accepting the registration or may ultimately decline the name.

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