What's New - November 2021


    What's new & updated on the Smarter SMSF platform


    • A fix has been made to the Annual Pension Review and Pension Commencement forms where the reduced minimum pension was not displaying correctly in the form which impacted the generated minutes.
    • Primary / secondary user functionality - for document subscribers, we now have working the functionality to count orders where completed under different logins of staff members.  Work continues on building the user interface for the primary account holder - however, each staff member can now access documents using their own login, rather than via a single username/email address.  More information about this is available within the 'coming soon' section below.  If you wish to have this setup for your team, please log a ticket with us or email support@smartersmsf.com.

    New/Updated Documents

    • No new documents or changes have occurred over the past month.

    CPD Training / Courses

    • SMSF Pensions Masterclass - preparations are in full swing for our virtual event to be held on 24 November 2021.  Below is a sneak peak of our virtual event platform where attendees will access to watch the live streamed event and participate throughout the day during each session. You can find out more about this event, including the agenda, ticket prices and more at smartersmsf.com/masterclass.

    • Webinars:
      • The following webinars have been uploaded onto the learning platform for members recently:
        • September 2021 - Changing Face of SMSF
        • October 2021 - Super unpacked 
      • You can view our upcoming webinars on the events page on the Smarter SMSF website. 

    Coming Soon

    Smart things we are currently working on...


    • Primary / secondary user functionality - we have been manually adding member firms (with subscriptions) to the new functionality that allows multiple staff with the same firm to access to the document subscription using their own login/profile. The primary account holder will be able to control the permission levels of team members (secondary users) - the primary user interface (UI) will give them the ability to add/remove secondary users and set permissions to generate documents, view their own orders or all orders of the firm.  Below is a screenshot of the progress of this screen that will provide information of each user under the subscription. If existing subscribers would like access to be setup, please get in contact with us at support@smartersmsf.com to arrange for this to be completed manually at this time.  We look forward to sharing details of the release of this functionality in the next update.

    • Automated Deed Service - work continues with our web development team to finalise this project for beta testing with a number of members by the end of November.  This subscription-based service will allow users to manage their fund's trust deeds, along with any trustee changes and automatically update the fund's deed in line with any amendments made by the Smarter SMSF team. Permission levels will be granted that allow documents to be shared with staff (secondary users), trustees, auditors and other service providers.  It will be an inclusive for Create500 subscribers; all other subscription levels will be required to purchase as a separate product.

    • Legal Support - we have become work on integrating legal support into the Smarter SMSF platform that will allow members and users to utilise a number of order forms to request the preparation of legal documents and other legal support via our support with Hill Legal. Using the existing ticketing system, you will be able to prepare and submit requests, then track and engage with the Hill Legal team for the completion of any specific work. The first document to be made available in the near future will be an SMSF Enduring Power of Attorney, with work having commenced on this project - est. January 2022.


    • Change of Trustee - work is almost complete of the new change of trustee form that will allow users to make any of the following changes to the trusteeship of an SMSF - add individual only, remove individual only, add and remove individual, individuals to company, company to individuals and company to company.  The form also provides for scenarios where an additional party is required   We expect this document to be available on the Smarter SMSF & Simple Fund 360 platforms in late October.
    • Combined order forms - there are a number of order forms that we are looking to merge that will simplify the existing order process - these include:
      • Change of trustee & deed upgrade
      • New SMSF and trustee company order form.
    • Investment Strategy Report - we are adding crypto-currencies into the single asset/heavy asset concentration minute that supports the investment strategy document.  Please note that crypto-currencies as an investment option is already available for the Investment Strategy Review Statement as with the stand-alone minute for single asset/heavy asset concentration.
    • Pension PDS - we will be updating the product disclosure statement shortly to incorporate the legislative changes regarding the Government's red tape reduction measures.
    • Trust Deed Upgrade - the team has been working on an updated upgrade form that will incorporate a number of enhancements including:
      • Ability to add additional party - e.g. founder, employer sponsor
      • Add order to Automated Deed Service
      • Ability to request Legal Support / Review - allowing you to upload the basic fund information and have the order undergo a comprehensive legal review as part of the upgrade
    • Future documents - a number of document templates are also in the pipeline to be added in the near future on the Smarter SMSF platform, including:
      • Future Service Deduction - this will include a calculator and trustee minute
      • Recontribution strategy
      • Payment of Super Death Benefit
      • Family Law split
      • Return of NCC (ineligible to make contribution)
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