The SMSF Foundation Course User Guide

Finding your Login details and how to access the Course.

Now that you have purchased the SMSF Foundations Course, an email containing your login details will be issued to you. Just a note that the email may also contain confirmation of your additional purchase, (if you have done so) regarding the Course Update (Add-on) module.

A short time later, you will receive a request to share with us your preference to study. The way in which you study is important to us. People learn in different ways and then there are the everyday distractions and things that require your immediate attention. These all combine to take you away from studying. So, you have the option for the system to send you a few email reminders every now and again, just to keep you on track.

1. Click on the link that will work best for you. Either ' I'll pace myself' or 'send me reminder emails'.

2.Now that you have received your Login details email, select from the main menu  Login’ and then Platform Login'.

3.Enter your login details and click on the 'Log in' button.

4.You are now logged into the Smarter SMSF Platform. Select Learn’ from the left menu and then Courses’.

The Smarter SMSF Learning Suite - Dashboard

You have now entered the Smarter SMSF Learning Suite and arrived at the Dashboard. The SMSF Foundations Course is displayed within the Suite. Your name appears on the right side of the screen and below is a status of your progress throughout the course.

The SMSF Foundations Course built by Smarter SMSF, it is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge regarding the operation and management of self-managed super funds.

This course also provides you with a core understanding of the superannuation laws, along with the regulatory requirements that apply to SMSFs, building a foundation for you to successfully undertake your work as a SMSF practitioner.

NOTE: You have a total of 16 weeks (4 months) to complete the learning and assessment requirements within the course from the date that the course is activated. 

The course will take up to 21 hours to complete, inclusive of the assessment that must be completed at the end of each module. Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion. Recognition of CPD hours is available for the major accounting bodies (CPA, CAANZ & IPA), the SMSF Association and Tax Practitioner’s Board (TPB). Successful completion of the course will also provide CPD hours for both ASIC and FASEA.

5.You can now commence the course by selecting the ‘ Access course’ button.

You have now entered the Learn and Courses area. If you have purchased the full 7 modules of the SMSF Foundations Course, a notice of enrolment will display for the Full Course. If you have only purchased an individual module, the name of the module will be available for you to enter.

You can also download a copy of the course outline, in PDF format. This is for additional information about the various topics covered in each module. It provides you with learning outcomes, duration of the course and details of each module. 

You can also access the Course Outline here.

6. Click on the ' Open' button.

The Welcome Screen

This is the Welcome screen. There is a short video to watch presented by Aaron Dunn. You can view the latest changes and updates to each module within the course. If you have any questions during your time working through the course materials, there is comfort to know that support can be accessed via email.

This screen also lists the assessment quizzes for each of the 7 modules. These are mandatory to be completed for each module. You must successfully complete and achieve a pass before moving onto the next module. You have 2 attempts per assessment.

7.To view the latest changes via the ‘changelog’, select the ‘ click here’ link. You can also access a copy here.

8.This will open an additional new browser tab on your screen and you are now within the Knowledge Base page in the Smarter SMSF Platform. You can see and read the latest Changelog via selecting ‘Categories > Courses’ area.

To email any questions you may have to the smarter support team, click on the email link:

How to Commence the Course and access Course Materials

9.To enter Module 1, titled ‘ About Super & SMSFs’ click on the Expand All’ button.

10.Click the lesson content for, ' Module 1 - About Super & SMSFs'.

Module 1. now opens and there are several areas for navigation. There is a ‘ In progress’ status confirming your course has commenced. You also have a percentage completed progress bar at the top left corner of your screen, as you work through and complete each module.

You can navigate through each of the module slides by using the left and right arrows. 

There are a number of course resources supporting each of the modules. Some may even be useful in utilising within your role. These resources include: a module workbook to print and make notes, a list of Abbreviations and Glossary terms and various links to key Industry and Government websites.

11.Click on the 'Blue 3 Bars' icon on the right side of the screen.

12.At the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Resources’ icon. A list of supporting resources for the module is provided.

13.Select the 'link' icon, to download a copy of the Module Workbook.

You can download to Save a copy in PDF format or Print.

It is also worthwhile to print off the ‘Abbreviations’ and 'Glossary' documents.

14.Click on the 'Blue X' icon to return to the Module Slides.

In time, you may need to review a section, search for a topic, or return to a particular area before commencing the module quiz, associated with the module you are progressing through. You have access to a search facility. 

15.Click the 'Blue 3 Bars' icon.

16.Select the 'Outline' icon.

Enter a word to search and a summary list of where your searched word, appears in each module slide. This is an example of a search for the word, 'Trustee'.

17.Click the 'Blue x' icon, to return to the course slides.

Slides contain a range of engaging media. Some contain text only; others will automatically play a video or even an audio file. There are interactive slides, and these contain a mini case study or a quiz.

If you leave a module for any reason, an example could be exiting at the end of the day, upon your return and login, then navigating back to the module you are working through, you are greeted with a message asking if you would like to resume where you left off. 

18.Click 'Yes' to continue.

When you have reached the end of the Module, it’s a good idea to review the Module Workbook and any other supporting resources and links that were provided. 

When you are ready, you can complete the Module CPD Assessment.

19.Select the link for the ‘Module – CPD Assessment’.

You have a set number of questions that must be answered in a limited timeframe. You must achieve a 80% pass mark for the module.

20.Click the 'Start Quiz' button.

Each question is presented, the overall Time Limit Clock displays the time you have remaining to complete the 5 questions.

21.Once you have answered each question, click the ‘Finish Quiz’ button.

You will receive confirmation that the Quiz has been completed and the results are being recorded. Please be patient as this may take a few minutes.

22.The Results will be displayed proving you with your outcome. You can review the questions via the ' View Questions' button. If you did not attain a pass score, you can 'Restart Quiz' again. When you have passed the Module, click the ‘Click Here to Continue’ button. 

The next Module will automatically open at slide 1.

Before commencing the next Module, a reminder that it would be beneficial to access and download a copy of the Module Workbook, Print a copy of the Abbreviations and Glossary documents and check out the various links to key industry and Government body websites.

23.To access the Resources area again, click on the 'Blue 3 Bars' icon on the right side of the screen.

24.At the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Resources’ link icon. A list of supporting module resources is provided, such as the Workbook.

25.Click on the 'Blue X' icon to return to the Module Slides.

Don’t forget that you can navigate through each of the module slides using the left and right arrows. 

If you click on the navigation menu for Module 1, it will now have a ‘Completed’ status displayed on the right side of the screen. You will also notice a completion 'Tick' on the left navigation menu.

Navigating onto the next Module, if the Quiz from the previous Module has not been completed and a successful outcome not achieved, the status will display ‘In progress’. There will be no 'Tick' appearing next to the Module number.

At the top of the screen, you can also see your overall progress throughout the Foundations Course as a percentage completed.

No Certificate of Completion for Module 1. is issued at the stage.

The Foundations Course Update (Add-on) Module

The Update (Add-on) Module is an optional Module that can be added to the Foundations Course. The Update Module will extend the course completion window beyond the set 4 months, having no end date. It also will provide continuous access to the Course materials, especially whenever there are changes and updates to the Course materials. You have the extended ability to review any changes and use the ongoing access as an ongoing reference library.

Note: there is a current offer of 10% discount available for purchasing the Update, when combined with the Foundations Course.

Select this link to learn more: Update (Add-on)

Support for the Course

You can get in contact with us:

  •          By Telephone on 1300 95 94 76
  •          By email us at:
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