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How to Signup to the Smarter Newsletter

Be a part of our community and become a free subscriber. Once signed up, you will receive our free newsletter in the first week of each month. It contains the latest insights and information to keep you ‘in the know’ on SMSF issues and  strategies.

SMSF specialist Aaron Dunn also shares his insights into current issues, regularly presents at industry events and contributes his views across a range of mediums, including as co-host of the SMSF Adviser Show.

Make the smart move and sign up to gain access to Aaron’s valuable knowledge and expertise, along with what’s happening at Smarter SMSF.

To sign up to receive the Newsletter, you start with creating your free contact record. Go to the Smarter SMSF website, click the link here

1.From the main menu select ‘About’ > ‘Sign up to news’.

2.Complete this form with your details and then click the 'Submit' button.

You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your email address. It is very important for you to confirm. This is a double opt-in process to ensure you receive our email communications directly from us. This may prevent emails going into your Junk Folder or held up in with Mail Guard.

3.Confirm your email. Click on the link 'click here'

A short time later, you will receive an email welcoming you. You can further customise how you want to hear from us. We invite you to update your preferences. We can send you the latest news about what’s on, special offers and technical alerts. 

4.Click on ‘Update my preferences’ link.

By providing us with some information about yourself and your business, we can begin to understand how we can best support you and work together to find real solutions.

You have some options to tell us about your areas of interest and to find out more about a product or how one of our solutions can be implemented into your business. These areas of interest include products, systems, and support. 

5.Complete your details and click on the 'Submit' button.

To go back to the Smarter SMSF website, click the link here.

Keep an eye out, now a copy of the Smarter SMSF Newsletter will be emailed to you each month.

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