Connecting funds to order docs via BGL integration

There may be a situation where after you have connected to Smarter SMSF via Simple Fund 360 ('SF360') you cannot see your fund list to be able to utilise the integration for document orders.  This may be due to one or more funds not being linked to your profile via SF360.  

To have access 'all fund' access to the API token to be able to generate the fund orders via SF360, you will need to check the following steps:

1. Click on the following link,

2. Sign in using your email and password for SF360:
a5cd8df9acfb286053af542e7cdfcfb0.png3. Find the Smarter SMSF application and your user profile after having connected the integration:
85f7d8ecf5d64b9e438db08737ab362f.png4. Click on 'edit' and make sure there are assigned entities to you and that future entities is 'on':
5. If assigned entities is '0', then click on edit and ensure that the disabled entities are changed to enabled entities.
3bae337c272de3dd4207dd068b8af1a0.png6. Once this has been done, click save and exit by logging out of the integrations area.
d404e16c6e18b1a9b2d823fdc0e7be56.png7. You can then login again to SF360 and connect to order documents via Smarter SMSF.

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