Subscription increases from 1 July 2022

Since the introduction of the Smarter SMSF document packages, we have proudly been a reliable, scalable, low cost automated business that supports professionals in the SMSF sector.  

Having started out with a modest number of SMSF documents and CPD solutions, we have now grown to provide 70+ specialist SMSF documents, in addition to issuing 20+ CPD hours each year.  This also now includes key integrations with BGL & Class (and SuperMate in the near future).

We are fortunate to be going through a period of strong growth which requires us to continue to invest heavily into our people resources and development capability. By doing so, we can continue to improve on the quality of our products, and to keep building solutions that drive revenue and efficiency for your SMSF business.  

To achieve this, we have made the decision to increase subscription prices across our CPD and document packages from 1 July 2022. It is important to note that for our existing members (at 30 June 2022), there will be no change to your current subscription at 1 July 2022.  This price increase only impacts new subscriptions after this date.

Subscription fee increases

The following tables outlines the fee increases for each subscription available with Smarter SMSF:

CPD subscriptions

Subscription Old price (before 1 July 2022) New price (from 1 July 2022)
CPD quarterly $250 p.a. $300 p.a.
CPD Regular $70 p/mth or $700 p.a. $80 p/mth or $800 p.a.
CPD & Support $160 p/mth or $1,600 p.a. $170 p/mth or $1,700 p.a.
CPD Business $180 p/mth or $1,800 p.a. $200 p/mth or $2,000 p.a.

Document subscriptions

Subscription Old price (before 1 July 2022) New price (from 1 July 2022)
Create25 $150 p/mth or $1,500 p.a $180 p/mth or $1,800 p.a.
Create50 $250 p/mth or $2,500 p.a. $280 p/mth or $2,800 p.a.
Create100 $450 p/mth or $4,500 p.a. $500 p/mth or $5,000 p.a.
Create250 $750 p/mth or $7,500 p.a. $800 p/mth or $8,000 p.a.
Create500 $1,250 p/mth Discontinued
CreatePlus+ N/A POA - see below

Please note that all subscriptions above are exclusive of GST.

Introducing CreatePlus+

We have been working closely with a number of clients to try and better understand their needs in formulating available documents to be used with their SMSF clients.  Part of this process has identified a need for a greater level of customisation to allow for important items such as business branding (amongst others).  To accommodate this bespoke solution, we are replacing our Create500 package with CreatePlus+ - this enables you to choose the number of documents that will be required, along with discussing how you want documents to be tailored to suit your business.  Smarter SMSF will then provide a subscription proposal to you based upon your circumstances.

This subscription will suit the following:

  • SMSF administrators that want to leverage their own branding across their adviser network
  • Large firms (stand-alone) or firms that are a part of a larger networks that want to leverage the benefit of multiple sites under once subscription (e.g. National firm)
  • Licensees who want uniform branding for their advisers that order SMSF documents.

CreatePlus+ is not simply a subscription for larger firms, but rather includes an opportunity to build a more customised solution to suit your business.  Setup and support fees will form part of the CreatePlus+ subscription

If you wish to find out more about our new CreatePlus+ solution, you can contact David Davine, Sales & Development Manager at Smarter SMSF.

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