Webinar - 2021-09 - Risks and costs of your own SMSF templates

Within the SMSF landscape, there is a recognised 'gap' in ready made compliance documents to support a number of strategies and issues.

For many firms, this requires specialist knowledge to develop your own templates for compliance purposes, or alternatively look to engage specialists who will develop the relevant documents at premium rates. In reality, this either creates extensive cost to trustees, or may not be recoverable for a business with one-off type work.  Even worse, it could expose the firm to unforeseen risk without linking documents back to the fund's operative deed.

In this webinar, Aaron Dunn & David Davine from Smarter SMSF will share some important observations from a technical and practical perspective into the risk and costs of self-created SMSF templates within a practice.  This session will explore:

  • What are the risks in building internal templates for use with your SMSF clients
  • Are you recovering the true cost of building your own templates, and what role (if any) is technology playing to deliver efficiencies for your firm
  • Understanding the risk, cost and benefit trade-off with your SMSF documents
  • How Smarter SMSF is bridging the 'gap' to build compliant SMSF documents
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