Process to apply for an ABN/TFN registration via the integration

After completing the generation of a New SMSF document order, the Smarter Platform provides the ability to register a new ABN, generate an ABN certificate, and register a new TFN. 

The ATO will forward the confirmation of a TFN in a separate notification.  This process saves you significant time in the application process on the Australian Business Registry (ABR) website, as the data that was used to generate the SMSF document will be used to populate the fields for ABN/TFN.

A number of businesses now using this option in their processes for establishment of a New SMSF, have commented on the ease and time saving gained from less data entry compared to using the ABR website.

NOTE: The ABN/TFN generation costs $33 for Smarter subscription members and $55 for Pay-as-you-go users (both amounts are inclusive of GST). 

You will need to be logged into the Smarter SMSF document platform to access the registration process. 

1. From the Dashboard select 'Documents' and then the 'Completed' link. 

2. From your listing of completed document orders choose from the Type column, the required document order and then click 'Actions > Apply for ABN/TFN'. The ABN registration screen opens.

3. Enter the 'Fund Details'.

NOTE: When you are completing a response to a radio button, in selecting the appropriate answer, you may notice your mouse will enable two different response options. Either with a simple click within the circle or by clicking on the wording next to the circle.

4. You can click 'Save' or alternatively the 'Next' button to continue to the next screen. 

5. If you click 'Save', a confirmation screen appears. 

6. Click 'Yes' to save your entered client data.

7. You will receive a message of successful saved data.

8. To continue with the ABN/TFN process for registration of the required Fund, select from the 'Documents' menu, then 'Saved' and the corresponding 'Order ID, Reference' and 'Type' is the ABN Registration

9. Click the 'Resume' button.

10. Enter the Authorised 'Contact details'. 

For the first time you are using the registration process, your contact details will not be available in the dropdown option. You will be required to enter your 'Title, Preferred Name, Family name and Position' held.

NOTE: Once you have entered your Authorised Contact details into the system, the system will retain your details, then for any future ABN/TFN requests, you can simply click the dropdown option to select your name to save some time. 

11. Click 'Next' to continue.

12. Complete all the 'Associate Details' responses and click 'Next' to continue.

13. Answer the questions to complete the 'Trustee Disclosures' and click 'Next' to continue.

14. The Declaration information will be populated from the information saved in step 2. this is from a previous ABN/TFN request and allows you to select your 'Contact Details'. 

15. Click the 'Select previous declaration' dropdown option to select your name. 

16. If this is the first time to complete this screen, there is a field required to enter your 'Name' and 'details'.

17. Complete the appropriate 'Declaration'. 

18. Click the 'Save & Next' button.

19. Review your data entry in the 'Review & Submit' screen. 

20. The ABN/TFN generation costs are displayed. Enter your payment details. An amount of $55.00 if you are a Pay-as-you-go user.   

The amount of $33.00 will display for Smarter subscription members (both amounts are inclusive of GST). 

21. Select the 'Place Order' button.

The 'Dashboard > Documents' screen will display the 'Status' of the submission request. 'finished' will indicate the request has been successful and an ABN number will now be generated and an ABN Certificate will be issued via email.

22. A copy of the Australian Business Register document will be generated and emailed to you. 

23. The ATO will generate and forward the TFN confirmation via a separate notification notice. 

Error messages and solving issues.

24. This table will provide information for working through system generated messages. Contact, if you experience any of these messages.

25. You may receive a 'failed' status are submitting the ABN/TFN request. Please contact for assistance.

Push to BGL, CLASS Super and SuperMate providers

We are finalising the the ability to allow users to send the issued ABN data back to your SMSF Accounting software. Further information and steps associated with this will be provided in the near future.

Push to BGL

26. You have the option to push client data back into Super Fund 360. From the 'Actions' drop down button, select 'Push to SF360'.

27. A confirmation message will be displayed if the data integration has been successful.

Push to SuperMate

28. You have the option to push client data back into SuperMate. From the 'Actions' drop down button, select 'Push to Supermate'.

29. There is confirmation of pushing data to SuperMate. Select 'Site' and 'Select the Fund'.

30. A confirmation message will be displayed if the ABN data has been pushed to SuperMate successfully.

Push to Class 

31. You have the option to push client data back into Class. From the 'Actions' drop down button, select 'Push to Class'.

32. There is confirmation of pushing data ABN to Class. Select 'Fund Code' and 'Send to Class'.

33. A confirmation message will be displayed if the ABN data has been pushed to Class successfully.

How to get in touch 

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