The SMSF Day 2023 Online Course Guide

Find your Login details and how to access the Course

After attending or purchasing the SMSF Day 2023 Online Course, an email containing your login details will be issued to you.

You can click on the link within the email to log in and access the course, or you can access the course at any time from the Smarter SMSF Platform by following the instructions below:

1. After locating the email containing your login details, go to the Smarter SMSF website:, then from the top menu select 'Login' and then 'Platform Login'.

2. Enter your login details and click on the 'Login' button.

The Smarter SMSF Learning Suite - Dashboard

3. You are now logged into the Smarter SMSF Platform and have arrived at the Dashboard. To enter the Smarter Learning Suite, select 'Learn' from the left menu and then 'Courses'. 

4. Confirmation of the SMSF Day 2023 Online Course is available to commence, click 'Access course' for the first time or the 'Continue Study' button.

The Welcome Screen

You have arrived at the Welcome screen. There is a short video to watch presented by Aaron Dunn. If you have any questions during your time working through the course materials, there is the support you can access via email at:

Following on from the success of delivering our SMSF Day 2023 events, delivered face-to-face around Australia, we are delighted to now make this content available online for you to access and learn more about a range of topical issues impacting the SMSF sector, including:

  • Module 1 – Latest intel on SMSFs
  • Module 2 – Redefining the Super Life Cycle - Expending the Family Fund (Part 1)
  • Module 3 – Redefining the Super Life Cycle - Managing Multi-Phase Funds and Dealing with the Inevitable (Part 2)
  • Module 4 – Puncturing the Life Cycle    
  • In addition to Aaron Dunn, you will be hearing from Tim Miller, Smarter SMSF's new Technical and Education Manager. Together they help you navigate through the topics of redefining the superannuation life cycle.

    Students can access a range of materials within each of the modules, including slides, case studies & activities, and flowcharts – all providing further information about the topics covered at the SMSF Day events.

    This screen also lists the assessment quizzes for each of the 4 modules. These are mandatory and must be completed for each module. To achieve a pass, each must be successfully completed before moving on to the next module. You have 2 attempts per assessment.

    NOTE: You have a total of 3 months from the course start date (the later of 17 April or date of purchase) to successfully complete the learning and assessment requirements within the course.

    The course contains a combination of video-based training, and audio and written materials for you to work on. Students will also be required to complete the CPD assessment within each of the modules. Recognition of 8.0 CPD hours will be provided with a certificate issued upon completion and accepted by all the major accounting bodies (CPA, CAANZ & IPA), the SMSF Association and Tax Practitioner’s Board (TPB), and ASIC. 

    How to Commence the Course and Access the Course Materials

    5. To enter Module 1., click the title ‘SD23- Module 1: Latest intel on SMSFs’.

    NOTE: Your view of the navigation screens within the course may vary, depending on if you are using a desktop computer with a monitor or laptop. 

    Module 1. opens and there are several areas for navigation. You will arrive at the default  'Presenter Info' tab / 'OUTLINE' tab view. The 'OUTLINE' tab provides you with a summary of all the slides for the particular module.

    You will also notice an 'IN PROGRESS' display on the right of your screen indicating you are working through the Module and have not completed it.

     6. You can navigate through each of the module slides by selecting the 'Play' button or selecting the 'PREV' or 'NEXT' buttons.

    7. The 'Presenter Info' tab displays the presenter of the current material.

    8. The 'Resources' tab is important to access the additional supporting materials, such as the Case study & Activities that are associated with each Module.

    9. Click on the attachment link to download a copy of the Case study & Activities for each module.

    10. You can download to Save a copy in PDF format or Print.

    NOTE: Your view of the navigation screens within the course may vary, depending on if you are using a desktop computer with a monitor or laptop. Skip the next few steps if not applicable.

    Module 1. is now open and there are several areas for navigation. An ‘IN PROGRESS’ status confirms the course has commenced and what module you have entered on the right of your screen. You also have a '% COMPLETE' progress bar at the top of your screen, as you work through and complete each module.

    11. You can navigate through each of the module slides by selecting the 'play' button. 

    12. You can also select either the  'left or right' arrows to move forward or back through the slides. 

    13. There are a number of course resources supporting each of the modules. You can access these via the blue three bars.

    14. Click the 'Resources' icon to view the list of slides, workbooks, case studies, flowcharts and a number of the Australian Taxation Office references.

    15. Click the 'X' symbol to return to the slide in the module you had opened. The look of these screens may differ depending if you are using a desktop or monitor.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you leave a module, your progress is automatically saved. Upon your return to the Course, you are greeted with a message asking if you would like to resume from the last slide viewed.  

    16. Click 'Yes' to continue.

    When you have reached the end of the Module, it’s a good idea to review the Module Case study & Activities and any other supporting resources and links that were provided. You will also see a 'Mark Complete' at the top right of your screen. This indicates you have reached the end of the slides and after reviewing the course materials, you can attempt the module quiz questions. The '0% COMPLETE' indicates you are yet to receive a pass for the quiz questions.

    When you are ready, you can complete the Module CPD Assessment.

    17. Click the link from the menu to access the quiz questions related to the current module.

    18. You have a set number of questions that must be answered within 10 minutes. You must achieve an 80% pass mark for the module and have 2 attempts to pass the CPD assessment. Click 'Start Quiz' when you are ready.

    This is an example of the quiz.

    19. Once you have answered each question, click the ‘Finish Quiz’ button. The results will be provided in a few moments. You can 'Restart Quiz' if you have not successfully passed the module or select the 'Click Here to Continue' button to move onto the next module.

    20. Navigating onto the next module you can view your progress, one module equals '25% COMPLETE' of the overall course. Select the navigation links either for the 'Previous Lesson' or the 'Next Lesson'.

    21. You are now able to select the next module.

    Once all the modules have been explored and each of the associated quizzes completed, you will notice the progress bar now displays a message,  'You've earned a certificate!'. 

    The progress bar will also display 100% COMPLETE.

    22. At the top of the screen, click the 'Download Certificate' button.

    NOTE: The Course Content is still accessible. Even though you may have now completed the Course, you are able to access the Course Content until your expiry date, this is 3 months after the date you commenced the Course. The Course materials can be used as a resource library.

    Support for the Course

    You can get in contact with us:

    • By telephone on 1300 95 94 76
    • By email to us:

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