How to access the Members Resources area

Access the Member Resources area to find a topic of interest.

You can easily access the Member's Resources area to review or lookup a topic. It could be a checklist, an area or topic of interest, a definition or something you remember from a previous presentation.

1.Login to the Smarter SMSF Platform here

2.Navigate to the Dashboard home page: here

3.From the Learn’ menu, select ‘Resources’.

The Member Resources area opens and you are able to search for a particular topic of interest through the back catalogue of resources. This includes Workbooks, Checklists, Flowcharts and Playbacks of Webinar Events. 

4.From the right side of the screen, enter a topic in theSearch field’ and click on the ‘Search Icon’.

5.You are able to filter down into a search area via the dropdown arrow ‘Search in’ and select the required 'checkboxes'.

6.After entering a topic to search, click on the 'search' icon and all the associated tiles will appear. 

7.Click on thePlus’ icon to expand and view the Description.

NOTE: It is important to check the Date of the Title, to ensure it is current and still relevant.

8.Select the 'Download' link to download the items.

Locate the downloaded item, for this example it was a PDF Checklist document.

How to get in touch 

You can get in contact with us:

  •          By telephone on 1300 95 94 76

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