How to renew your Smarter SMSF Subscription

How to renew your Smarter SMSF Subscription

You receive an email reminder leading up to your renewal subscription. The email will provide an indication of when your subscription is due, along with a link to ‘Login’ to the Smarter Platform to update your Credit Card details.

NOTE: If you click the ‘Login’ link to check your credit card details, once you enter your login details to the Smarter SMSF website, you will arrive at the Dashboard and Credit Card details page. You can update your Card details if required. To check your Subscription details, you can navigate to the My Subscription page. This page can be accessed via two methods.

You can simply click on ‘My Subscription’ link or you can return to the main Smarter SMSF webpage.

To see the details of your current Subscription, you can Login to the Smarter SMSF Platform by first navigating to the Smarter SMSF Website, click here.

1. Click ‘Login’ and then ‘Smarter Platform’. Use your email address and password.

2. Click ‘Login’ and then ‘Smarter Platform’. Use your email address and password.

After Login, you arrive at the Platform Dashboard.

3. Select ‘My Account’ and then ‘My subscription’.

You will arrive at the Platform Dashboard.

4. Click ‘Subscription’ to review your subscription dates and Next payment date. You will also see your Credit Card number that the renewal will debit, the name of your subscription and the amount of renewal.

5. You can click the ‘Account details’ link to check your email address. Any update of your Password can be actioned on this page. Ensure any changes are saved.

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