What's New - August 2021


What's new & updated on the Smarter SMSF platform


  • Work has continued across a number of forms on the Smarter SMSF platform to allow for 6 members within an SMSF.  If you require an order form that doesn't currently contain this information, please contact us to arrange for this order to be completed.
  • Company constitution only - where you register a company within CAS 360 but require a constitution via Smarter SMSF, we have now added 'push to CAS 360' functionality on the completed orders page to send the ordered documents into the documents area within CAS 360. 
  • Primary / secondary user functionality - for document subscribers, we now have working the functionality to count orders where completed under different logins of staff members.  Work continues on building the user interface for the primary account holder - however, each staff member can now access documents using their own login, rather than via a single username/email address.  More information about this is available within the 'coming soon' section below.  If you wish to have this setup for your team, please log a ticket with us or email support@smartersmsf.com.
  • A fix has been made to the reset password problem and new knowledge base article has been added to assist when a user cannot find their password.
  • A reminder that functionality is available for users to do an ASIC name availability search within the company incorporation order forms.  Read the article here to find out more about accessing this feature.
  • The ability to apply a stored credit card is available for both members and PAYG users when ordering a number of documents available on the platform.

Learn platform

The team has been working on an major update to the training platform over the past couple of months. This update includes:

  • A new dashboard that provides dedicated access to the SMSF essentials (formally foundations) course, webinar recordings, a CPD register with access to certificates of completed training via the new platform and upcoming events.  The dashboard also includes a summary of the students activities, such as enrolled training, completed training, CPD certificates and awarded points - you can click through each of these items for more details.
    • Note: the team is continuing to work on the migration of content (incl. webinars) throughout August.  Once completed, access to all training will be exclusively via the URL, https://learn.smartersmsf.com, using single sign-on (SSO).

Users can drill down into each course / module to view the activities, including CPD assessment results, certificates, etc - see below:


  • The ATO has released new trustee declarations from 1 July 2021 that update the 'best financial interest duty' requirement. This new declaration has been updated to auto-populate for a fund establishment, add a new member, change of trustee, and change of trustee - death of a member.
  • Investment Strategy Review Statement - this new document is currently in beta that provides users to create a review statement that complies with the SISR 4.09 requirements. This includes alignment to the original investment strategy, the event that triggers the review and consideration of each element set out within the operating standard.
  • Asset concentration / single asset class minute - a stand-alone trustee minute has been created 

CPD Training / Courses

  • SMSF Pensions Masterclass - we have now finalised revised dates for these half-day masterclass events, which will be hosted across 5 capital cities in November 2021.  More information about these upcoming face-to-face events will be provided in September.  You can follow updates about these events at smartersmsf.com/masterclass.
  • Webinars:
    • We have made the final adjustments to our CPD calendar for the remainder of 2021 - you can see this on our updated events page on the Smarter SMSF website.
    • As mentioned above, we are currently undertaking a migration of the existing webinar catalogue to the new CPD (learn) platform.

Coming soon 

Smart things we are currently working on...


  • Docs 2.0 platform - work continues on moving our order forms permanently to the updated ordering page.  This includes some significant feature enhancements to populate order forms using integrations with BGL, Class or via a .csv import of the fund and member information.  More information will be available to share in the coming months, with beta testing being available for members from September.
  • Primary / secondary user functionality - over the past month we have been adding subscribers to this new functionality in beta that allows different staff with access to the document subscription. We are currently building the primary user user interface (UI) that will provide the ability to add authorised staff and the permission levels for them to generate documents, view their own orders or all orders. The functionality of this parent/child structure is currently available (without UI), so for subscribers if you would like access, please get in contact with us to discuss further.
  • Stored credit card - Work continues by the team on being able to make payment via a stored credit card for many of our most popular documents.  This feature will be available for members (for company registration orders) and for non-members who wish to save time in the ordering process by simply applying the card stored against your user profile.  Refer to our previous article on how to add or update credit details on the platform.


  • New features are being added to the fund establishment form which will allow for user to generate additional documents as part of the order, including a compliance kit and death benefit nominations (standard or binding) in accordance with Schedule 1 and 2 of the trust deed.
  • We are working on a number of combined order forms that will simplify the existing order process - these include the change of trustee and deed upgrade and the new SMSF and trustee company order form.  The timing of releasing these forms had been impacted in recent months due to a number of other changes, however the team is now aiming to have these new forms resolved by the end of September.  The new SMSF form will also include the ability to request binding or standard death benefit nominations, along with access to an SMSF compliance pack - includes trustee minutes for making initial rollovers, contributions, etc.
  • A number of document templates are also in the pipeline to be added in the near future on the Smarter SMSF platform, including:
    • Future Service Deduction - this will include a calculator and trustee minute
    • Payment of Super Death Benefit
    • Family Law split
    • Return of NCC (ineligible to make contribution)
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