How to create your free PAYG login - Access SMSF Documents (PAYG)

How to create your free PAYG login - Access Documents in the Smarter SMSF platform

You can order and pay for only the number of SMSF documents you need, via the Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) process.

All Smarter SMSF Documents are build by SMSF specialists, Aaron Dunn (CEO), Ian Glenister (Legal Office) and Chris Hill (Director, Hill Legal). Our documents are designed for practitioners who need the confidence that comes with using best practice SMSF documents drafted by industry leading experts. 

You will need to create a free Login first, in order to access the Smarter Platform. You can then search for a particular type of document. There is the option to review a sample document (from a library of 75+) before ordering and paying via the PAYG process. PAYG orders completed via credit card. SSL certificates across website for payments. Orders are delivered by email and available to download from completed orders. Tax invoice automatically sent after order submitted.

The Smarter SMSF Platform leverages SMSF specialisation with technology to help you become efficient when ordering SMSF documents. 

Important note: Our Smarter Platform integrates with BGL, CLASS Super and SuperMate software allowing you to save you time and money. Legal support is available through Hill Legal to deal with specific issues.

1. To create your free login, go to Smarter SMSF website: click here

2. From the main menu select ‘Documents’ and then ‘PAYG Sign up’.

3. Complete your details on the form and then click the Sign Up’ button.

A short time later, you will receive an email requesting you to confirm your email address. It is very important for you to confirm your email address. This is a double opt-in process to ensure you receive email communications directly from us. This may prevent any emails going into your Junk Folder (consistently) or becoming held up in Mail Guard. It will also assist you receiving your email containing your important Login information directly. 

4. Confirm your email. Click on the link 'click here'.

You will receive an email containing your login details. Open to note your login details. Your email address is your login ID and view your password.

5. Go back to the Smarter SMSF website: Click here

   Lookup Sample Documents in the Platform Library

6. From the main menu select ‘Login’ and then ‘Platform Login’.

7. Enter your login details and click the ‘Log in’ button.

8. You are now logged into the Smarter Platform and have arrived at the Dashboard. Select ‘Knowledge Base’ from the left menu. The knowledge base is a resource library that provides access to sample documents, videos on how to setup integrations and order documents. 

9. From the top menu select Smarter SMSF platform’ within the purple area.

10. From the left menu scroll down to select Sample Documents’.

You can search the library for Sample Documents. 

11. Enter the document name into the 'Search' field and press enter.

12. Once you have located the sample document, you can scroll through the sample document and you can also print a copy via the  'Printer' icon. You can view the data entry required to complete the document order too.

13. You can also search to access a 'Changelog'. This article shows you all the recent changes to our Documents.

Ordering a Document

14. As you are already logged into the Smarter SMSF Platform, click at the top of your screen on the 'Smarter SMSF' logo to return to the main page, the Dashboard.

15. From the Dashboard select 'Documents' from the left menu.

16. The menu expands, select 'Create New' to enter the SMSF document order library.

17. A list of the available documents is displayed. Scroll down the list to locate the appropriate document.

18. Once the required document is located, you can click the '+' symbol to expand and read a description about the document. 

19. If you have not previously opened a 'Sample Document', you can access a copy from within this Description screen.

20. You can order the document, click the 'Order Now' button. 

21. The document opens and you can commence to populate the related fields with required information.

22. You have the options of selecting 'Save' to exit and return to resume at a later time. Alternatively, competing all the necessary fields and selecting the 'Next' button to continue to the next screen.

NOTE: The Smarter SMSF Platform Document Ordering also integrates with BGL Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 software, CLASS Super and SuperMate software. Data from these systems automatically populates your order and generates your Smarter SMSF documents.

If you have made an error or the document didn’t populate correctly, you have the ability to re-download the document order again. This is available for the Investment Strategy Report only.

23. Select 'Documents' and then click 'Completed' links. 

24. You are able to 'Search' the Document Order ID number or Reference name in the table.

25. Once you locate the Document order to be re-downloaded, reset, send (push) out to software. Select the Actions’ button on the right of screen.

26. For new SMSF & Trustee Company documents, once the documents are complete, the Platform provides the option to generate an ABN/TFN, integrating data and the ability to push to BGL, CLASS and SuperMate, from the 'Actions' button. A potential time saving of 30 minutes. We have created a 'ABN/TFN' help guide for this process.

Additional documents available via the Smarter SMSF Platform.

The list of documents available directly through the Smarter SMSF Document Platform display a different pricing to those listed within the BGL platform. 

If you are unable to find a SMSF Document when connected via BGL, you can log in directly to the Smarter SMSF Document Platform, locate the required SMSF document and order the document from the Smarter Platform. You are then able to use the integration link function within the Platform Dashboard to connect to BGL, then ' push' the client information back out to BGL. 

For BGL users, a preferred pricing Tag has been applied to your login profile when you originally signed up. When purchasing documents, the preferred pricing will automatically be applied for BGL users.

Company orders.

A document subscription covers the document order itself, but not the ASIC fee and the API admin fee Smarter SMSF pays to our integration partner. The same applies for the ABN/TFN process.

All documents are covered under the subscription - we use conditional pricing to determine what fees (or no fee) applies based upon someone being a member or ordering under a PAYG.

You can store your credit card details on the system if you have a document subscription. 

From 1 July 2023, Smarter SMSF has revised it's fees for company incorporations to reflect the ASIC fee indexation.

ASIC fees from 1 July 2023

What are the benefits of a Subscription?

Our Subscription packages offer our full range of documents at a flat rate per month or once annual fee. This enables you to stay within your budget by predicting and controlling your spend.

We recognise that practices come in all different shapes and sizes, so we have developed document packages to suit the size of your SMSF business. Starting from $180 p/m for ANY 25 docs p/a. Subscription provides access to all documents on the Smarter SMSF Platform.

Primary / secondary users:

  • Primary account holder can provide access to staff to utilise subscription to order documents
  • Each staff member uses own email login
  • Smarter SMSF tracks orders (via a counter) by all staff via 'firm ID'
  • Smarter SMSF sets up the various users, however, primary user profile to soon add and manage users, set permissions

You can find out more about a number of subscription packages Be super smart with your SMSF documents

Document calculator case study

Simply determine the number of documents you would use annually. (or use our Docs Calculator)

Select the monthly subscription package that works for you.

Get access to All 75+ documents from within our range.

And integrate with BGL, Class Super or SuperMate to save you time.

How to get in touch 

You can get in contact with us:

  •          By telephone on 1300 95 94 76
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